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Less Than I Am…

My earliest memory is of playing with dolls. When someone would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up I always answered that I wanted to be a mommy. Sure, I would also say whatever profession I was currently interested in, but the desire to be a wife and mother never wavered. Not once.

Now, here I am, living my dream. I have a house, five children, a husband whom I adore, and a faith that sustains me through the daily ups and downs of parenting and partnership. I can’t say that I have it all, because, really, who does? But I have so much and I’m grateful.

Taking care of my home and my family is a huge job and one that requires a great deal of faith, support from other women who do it every day, and good hard work. I can’t quite express how frustrating it is to be told that that I’m violating God’s word by doing things the way I do, like working outside of the home, or that by not taking on the mantle of Patriarchy the way other Christian women have done, I am a “whitewashed feminist”.

God created me with a strong mind (at least I like to think so) and I am challenged by many things, not the least of which is my career. I take care of people when they are vulnerable and often am able to assist in their recovery and send them home healthier and able to live a full life. What a gift that is! Working for me is a necessity. We have chosen to have a large family, and they need little things like food, clothing, electricity, and running water. It takes both our paychecks to provide. But still, I consider my paid job a ministry of sorts. Because in caring for others I serve God.

I believe that God created me the equal of men. I believe that God created me and loves me as much as a man. I believe that God provided me with an intellect and skills that are not to be wasted. How I choose to utilize those skills must always be with His glory in mind. And I believe that all callings are of equal value. If God calls me to be a nurse, and someone else to be only at home, I am in no way better than she. Nor is she better than I am. Because following the Lord is the important thing, wherever He leads.

But I refuse to be less than I am because someone has decided that I have the fullness of womanhood only if I stay home. Perhaps that is true for some women, but I see no evidence, biblical or otherwise, that it is true for all. To do so would be to ignore what God has given me, including the gift that is being able to help support my family.

You know, I may have to rethink my position. If living up to the fullness of what God created me for means that I’m a Whitewashed Feminist, I may just have to embrace it and be proud.


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