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Cally asked me recently where all the father/son or mother/son information was on the Patriocentric blogs and sites. Upon consideration I realized that I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything in that regard. When I looked up the infamous “Whitewashed Feminist” blog post, I noticed down the side of the blog that there were links for protecting daughters and keeping daughters at home. Yet nothing about boys.
Presumably it would seem that if girls are to be daughters at home and grow to be wives of headship males who will lead them, boys should be learning how to lead. So, where are the books for boys on the subject? Where are the retreats, blogs, and other media geared to prepare boys for that role? Why is there information on protecting daughters and not on protecting sons?

The adults in the Patriarchy movement may not be feminists, but they do appear to be blatantly sexist. The only good reason that I’ve come up with for the discrepancy between the amount of information geared toward girls as opposed to boys is the idea that girls need the help and boys don’t. It seems they believe boys are smart enough to become good leaders without reading 20 books and daily blog posts. Boys don’t need that kind of help. It will come naturally to them, I guess.

Girls must be protected from the wickedness of the world. Either because they’re easily deceived or more easily victimized. Boys apparently don’t need protection like girls do. They may also be children, but can seemingly take care of themselves while girls must have that extra guidance and protection.

It leaves me with mixed feelings. Either girls aren’t that smart and need lots of guidance and protection, or they’re so smart that they need daily indoctrination to keep them from questioning too much. Either option doesn’t leave me feeling particularly edified.

My son’s are children, and in need of as much protection as my daughters. It is a dangerous stereotype to think that predators are only interested in our pretty little girls. They’re not. And as much as I love my sons, it’s a challenge just to get them to pick their socks up off the floor (maybe that’s why we girls need such intense training as housekeepers?) so I can’t imagine that they are going to learn to be good strong leaders without at least as much encouragement and instruction as my daughters.


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Some Ideas for the Blog

I’ve got a couple of “series” ideas in my head…  and now I’ll get them out on virtual paper!

1. Blog reviews- I’d like to examine blogs on both sides of the issue… and they ARE out there!  I’m not talking about homemaker blogs versus bra-burning feminists blogs, but blogs that are truly edifying and challenging or that WANT to be edifying and challenging, but miss the mark.

2. Book Reports- See the long list below.  As I go through a book, I’ll write about what I’m learning.  Pretty simple.  I’ll also be reviewing “Return of the Daughters” so that I can finally send it back to Thatmom.  Sorry Karen!!

3. Issues- As I study through the patriarchy versus egalitarian debate, I want to discuss certain topics that inevitably come up in the discussion: modesty, working outside the home, headcovering, raising children, homeschooling versus private versus public schooling, and even bioethics (see below).

Okay, that’s it for now.  I’ve got a mondo pile of laundry to fold and my poor husband has no underclothes to wear… and neither do I, so I need to get going on it NOW while I’m still awake.

I’ll be listening to the encouraging, ever-challenging, and gracious Thatmom’s podcast.

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