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A Boring Post…

I’ve found some pretty cool Bible reading plans recently.  The first is my old “trusty” Bible Reading Program for Shirkers and Slackers.  Its on page 8 of this newsletter I’ve linked to.  You read a different genre of the Bible about every day.  You only read three or four chapters at a time.  Its pretty cool.

The other one is the “Legacy” reading plan put out by the Christian Research Institute.  This one has you reading three Psalms, a chapter of Proverbs, and three books of the Bible a month.  You’ll read through the Bible in a year this way.  I’ll be doing the Legacy for a while to see how it works.  I’ve been DESPERATE to dive into the Word again, but as always, I’m just not sure where to start.  I’m a big one for reading whole books at a time and not doing Bible study helps.  That’s just me.  So, oftentimes, I find that I feel overwhelmed by the Bible reading and just don’t start.

That is NOT something I want to continue.  Something all this WWF stuff has sparked in me is a desire to DEVOUR God’s Word, especially in light of certain sermons I’ve heard recently on male/female roles…


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A Saturday Morning Thought…

I read on someone’s blog somewhere about how they were questioning whether or not women should get epidurals in childbirth because the Bible says we’re supposed to have pain during those times.  Okay, let’s think about it for a minute… pain in childbirth is part of the curse, so why would we be embracing that?  Shouldn’t we be begging for “curse-relief?”  I don’t see these same women flocking to usurp their husband’s authority (also part of the curse), so why embrace the painful part?

Just a thought for a Saturday morning.  I’ll go back to my COFFEE now… 😉

A little P.S. here- I’m ALL for natural chilbirth.  I almost made it to the end with my last baby- 8cm!  But at that point, without going into the whole story, I was convinced that I couldn’t push her out without one.  However, do whatever you desire in childbirth… just don’t try to use the Bible to justify your position (no pun intended).

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