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This trailer for “Pleasantville” made me think of Lady Lydia.  Now, I hate the message of “Pleasantville” so please don’t take this post as an endorsement of the movie.  Try to take this in the spirit in which it is intended- to make you laugh.


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Thank You

A big thank you to Richard Gelina for all of the wonderful graphics in our sidebar. And for being so on top of our graphics that he was able to put the suffragettes in our header in front of a sign saying “National White Washed Feminist League” which is such a great touch! He’s quite talented and we have been blessed to have his help in making our blog look great.

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A Mommy Post

Okay all you moms out there… I HOPE you can relate to this little snippet of my afternoon.

We’ve been nursing a big sore on the back of my son’s leg. It got infected and the infection spread to other parts of his leg. THEN his eczema flared up because he’s been scratching the itchy sores. Just got the word today that the sore has a “heavy growth” of staph aureos. Yuck.

So, he and my daughter were playing outside in the back while I got dinner ready for my husband before he left for work. I come outside to check on them and my son is just standing there, holding on to his shorts. I know what’s happened. He’s had a poopy accident in his pants. Okay, NOT GOOD! Not to get too gross, but its all over the place and I STILL need to get out in the backyard and finish cleaning up. This happened a few minutes ago, BTW and you’ll know why I haven’t got out there to finish at the end of my story.

Okay, so we decide the best way to clean Alex off is to hose him down and then finish off in the shower with soap and water. No problem. Sophia desperately wanted to help, but we decided to keep her out of this one. I took Alex in the bath and cleaned him off with soap and water. I’m trying to work quickly because I have to see my husband off to work. I don’t want any of the mess to get in my son’s sore. I’m all hot and sweaty and just a little cranky (just a little though).

We’re all done and my son runs out of the bathroom, totally naked, screaming “I’m clean, Daddy! I’m clean!” Very cute, right? So, I pop out of the bathroom and my husband’s carpool is sitting on the couch where I expected my husband to be. Aaah! Usually they just switch cars and he doesn’t even comes in the house. If I know he’s coming inside, the house is picked up and no one is frantic. I just like to represent our home and my husband well and even though my husband says he doesn’t care, well, I care.

Alex is naked. Sophia is running around diaper-less because she took it off thinking she was going to take a bath with Alex. My husband is off getting a new diaper for Sophia. Daniel is sitting on the couch and I am trying to make conversation without talking about the ordeal I’ve just gone through cleaning up the biggest accident EVER. I’m frazzled and a little frustrated and trying to be hospitable even though they will be leaving in five minutes. Sophia wants dinner. Alex is sweet and obedient and runs to get a diaper right away when I ask him to. I impress the heck out of Daniel because I can diaper my children while they are standing up. We exchange finicky kid diaper stories.

Next up is getting DH’s lunch so he won’t have to eat out. Normally, its a sandwich. Not tonight. Its leftovers from dinner. I shove the guys out the door and things finally start to settle down. I just HAD to sit here and write it out before the frantic-ness of it left me.

And now, I’m out to the backyard to clean up the rest of the mess. Yuck!

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What’s the difference?

Have at it. 🙂

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