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WTF(eminist) is that?

If you listen to frequent commentor, Cindy K.’s, EXCELLENT lecture on patriarchy, she talks about the getaway car of a semi-newly married former Vision Forum intern.  There was a sign on the car that said “Welcome to Normativity.”  There’s a lot I could say here about how this makes single people look like second-class citizens in the Vision Forum paradigm, but I won’t.  This is meant to be a drive-by posting.

Anyway, a thought came to me today as I feasted on a delicious raw “Relaxed Greens” salad- if being married is the normative state for Christian men and women, why didn’t Jesus get married?  He was baptized.  He prayed.  He instituted the sacrament of his Body and Blood.  He worshiped and glorified the Father.  He fed the hungry.  He healed the sick.  He ministered to the orphan and the widow.  He did all those things that would be considered “normative” for the Christian life.

But He never got married…He never had kids either.  I mean, talk about “violating” the command to be fruitful and multiply… (I don’t believe He did violate that, but I hope that goes without saying).  In fact, Jesus FULFILLED it!  Look at the millions of people who live now and who have gone before to whom HE has granted new life.

I dunno… it makes me wonder.


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These images are of two women in a Taliban-controlled area of Afghanistan. They were recently executed by firing squad for running a prostitution ring. This is what women are subjected to under Taliban Sharia Islamic law.  And this is the type of barbaric rule that some radical Muslims are trying to push on the West. It makes me sick. Comments? Thoughts?

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