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This is just a flyby post, but I was reading on Doug’s Blog this evening and came across this quote that he provided by Cotton Mather:

“I am sure they [students at Harvard] do not show such a veneration for Aristotle as is express’d at Queen’s College in Oxford; where they read Aristotle on their knees, and those who take degrees are sworn to defend his philosophy.” Cotton Mather, Great Works of Christ in America, Vol II pg. 21,The Banner of Truth Trust, 1979. Reprint of 1852 edition.

Seriously, I get the quote, but here’s what I don’t get.  Doug seems to be against college for anyone but himself.  I mean, he’s a lawyer, isn’t he?  He’s been through at least six years of school if he’s a member of the bar.  Is college just okay for him and bad news for everyone else?  Or is it because he wants people to go to Vision Forum’s “college?”


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