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WWF Update

This has been a really interesting couple of months. This site went from having one author to having four, and has had nearly forty thousand hits! But WWF has had some growing pains and we wanted to share some of that with our readers.

The site was originally going to be a place for Cally/Jennifer to figure out from scripture what her role, calling, and purpose was within her marriage. With the addition of three more authors, the focus changed somewhat. Now a lot of what we’re writing has to do with femininity, womanhood, and family, but also challenging ideas held by the hyper-patriarchy camp.

We never wanted to be the site that told everyone what to believe and allowed for no dissent. We wanted this to be a place where we could throw ideas out there and have our readers discuss them with us, challenge us, sharpen us, and make us stronger. In an effort to create that kind of environment, we have done virtually no editing of comments at all.

Sadly, for all freedoms, there is a price to pay. The thoughtful atmosphere we hoped to cultivate has not always been found. People have been offensive. People have been offended. Careless words have been thrown around and have made people less willing to involve themselves in the discussion.

I fear that we are to blame for this. Perhaps we have been less than generous in spirit, and not the representatives in Christ that we should have been. Perhaps we have not been the examples of Christian Charity we should have been. Now we must decide how to rectify the situation. How do we make this a place where people benefit from the discussion? How do we share the gospel lovingly with those who come here and do not know Christ?

I do believe that this can be a site where Christ is represented with grace and love while still rejecting the legalism being pushed on us by those who feel only one reality is “God’s way”. At this point we authors may be using our personal judgment a bit more in regards to comments. We’re trying to walk a fine line between allowing freedom to speak one’s mind and making it a place that still represents Christ. We may make mistakes here and there. We’re only human and not perfect judges. But we’re going to do the best we can and ask that you be patient with us as we find our footing and grow a bit.

In Peace,

The White Washed Feminists.


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