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The Baylys Part II

I don’t have the time (or desire) to scout out all the patrio blogs, but when the discussion came up a few posts back about the Baylys, I though this comment from that discussion thread was most informative of their way of dealing with opposing view points [please note this is verbatim from their site, and here‘s the link]:

There are many Christ-followers, myself included, who feel that the Bayly’s and their followers are grossly misprepresenting the Scriptures. God is no misogynist. For that, I am truly thankful. I recently wrote about the Biblical basis for Christian egalitarianism here:
[NOTE FROM TIM: link to false doctrine removed]

Bayly Brothers,

I lived in the type of marriage that this poem describes, lived it as the faithful wife who did not want a “wife” but sought to be as the poem describes a wife should be.

I came out of that place broken and bleeding, and strongly believe that the souls of both my husband and myself were deeply and terribly wounded by what amounted to idolatry. We are stumbling into a new way of relating, by the sheer and utter grace of a God who binds the wounds of the brokenhearted and the broken in spirit.

I put my husband in the place of Christ (well-intentioned, thinking that in so doing I was following Christ). My husband put himself in Christ’s place. Both of us suffered terribly as a result, because of the deep gravity of our error.

This poem describes the way that a man and a woman should relate to *Jesus Christ.* No human should relate to another human in the way that this poem describes. It departs, severely, from what Scripture says but depends, rather, on what some interpret (and that rather loosely) Scripture to mean.

In His Grip,
Molly Aley

Posted by: Molly | August 23, 2008 at 02:51 AM

Well, if Molly comes around here, I hope she re-posts that link, ‘cuz I’d like to read it.  🙂  We here at WWF will never remove a link to another page merely because it has something we happen to disagree with, to consider false doctrine, or even heresy. Its like the Baylys are part of the Monty Python Church Police (only a lot less funny)!


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