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I’d like to encourage any readers to take a look at Anne’s BRILLIANT post “What Exactly is a Helpmeet?” when considering how to think about Sarah Palin’s nomination for the Vice Presidency and why every patriarchalists’ knickers are knotted, bloomers are in a bunch, hair is on fire over it. I actually read somewhere (and I can’t remember right now, for the life of me) that Palin will be serving as John McCain’s helpmeet if she wins this election.  I can’t believe this person was serious.  They must seriously have no idea what a helpmeet is, what is their function, how only husbands and wives can have that kind of relationship, that not all women are called to be that… or what true marital partnership is about.  The give and take, the fluidity, the organic nature of marriage must be totally lost on this person.  It makes me so sad… it really does.  I’m just beginning to discover and develop this kind of relationship with my husband as I come out of the duldrums of self-inflicted patriarchalism.  And what little I’ve experienced has been glorious!  But I digress..

Of course, if you choose to vote for Palin, and you claim to be a Christian, well, you’re just a “Christian” because no real, authentic Christian could stand to have a woman second in line for the presidency.  Never mind that she has a fantastic political record.  Never mind that she possesses the views that hundreds of thousands of Christians in this country profess to hold.  Never mind that there is no sales tax or income tax in Alaska thanks to her and the people actually get a rebate from the state every year based on family size and not on income.

Nope.  She wears a skirt and has the wrong body parts so she can’t lead the nation.  She’s just as bad as Hillary!  If McCain wins, God is going to put this country under judgment!  Its an EMBARASSMENT for our country to have a female leader of this magnitude.  Deborah was an embarassment for Israel.  Palin will be for us!  {{For any obtuse readers out there, those last lines are supposed to be dripping with sarcasm)).

Well, count me in as one of those “Christians” who has fallen for this brilliant political move on John McCain’s part.  I wasn’t going to vote at all- and I was most certainly NOT going to vote for the Constitution Party candidate- but now, I probably will take the time to go cast my vote this November.  I’m actually looking forward to it.


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