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The Other Side

I have decided to post an e-mail I received anonymously.  This is what we have received at the hands of other Christians for daring to disagree with certain ideas being taught.  Note that never are examples given, or any gentle instruction offered.  Instead our character, integrity, and intelligence is questioned.  How sad for us all.

Well, well, well…….how very up-to-date you portray yourselves…how free, how hip, how enlightened. How delusional!

It seems that you have illegally used photos of Lydia Sherman’s blog, or am I delusional,  hallucinating? That puts YOU in a precarious position, does it not?

It also seems you know not your accurate American history, but only the northern, fractured, federal indoctrination version of the bulk  of it. My, my…so easily misled too.Too bad….you are so very limited in your scope of ever being capable of deliberating wisely on the subject. How very pathetic.

It seems too that you simply have no moral mechanism with which to appreciate the Godly advice,admonitions, and inspirations given those of us “who have ears to hear and eyes to see”, by Mrs. Sherman.  Understandable, however, as a sickly condition such as you and yours who have who obviously long-ago abandoned the leading of the Holy Spirit for the leading of your own pride and self-aggrandizement.

You all have been well-indoctrinated by the forces of evil and your futures are set. God have the “amazing grace” to free you all from your strong delusions.

Hoping for your speedy recovery,

Scarlett…a white, black-loving, feminine, artistic, piano-playing, sewing, swimming, book-reading, liberty-loving Jeffersonian, Virginian Southern descendant with plantation ownership who wanted to free the slaves whom we treated as FAMILY, grandmother-of-four. Now, put that in your pipe and smoke it!

The e-mail came from “Scalett O’Hara”.

Now, if anyone knows where we’ve stolen something from Lydia Sherman, please bring it to my attention.  I think we’ve quoted her (always with credit given, and links when possible), but I don’t think we have any photos.  As for the History issue, I reject the e-mailer totally.  My father is a retired American History teacher, and my childhood vacations were often spent at sites that helped me learn about our History.

Mostly, though, what disappoints me is the tone of the thing.  No one can hope for real discourse, or to truly teach us anything with an e-mail like that.  It was a cowardly, angry thing, sent without benefit of real identity.  If that’s supposed to be my example of a real Christian “lady”, I think I’ll pass.  I may not always be right, and I may not always be as nice as I should be.  But at least I’ll have the courage to err as myself.


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