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What Are We Doing Here?

I’m sure many of you have noticed that this blog hasn’t been updated recently. To be honest, I think Jennifer/Cally and I are done with the Patriarchy issue. I know that this is still important to many of you, and there is so much more to discuss. But really, we’ve said all we want to say on the subject. I’ve learned a lot and I appreciate all those who chose to dialog with us.

A commenter on another post asked what our purpose is here. When we started this blog, it was mostly about finding out where we stood on some of these issues, and working out how we felt about these ideas. We’ve done that. Where we go now is anyone’s guess. Maybe there’s no more need for this blog. For now it will stay here, unchanged. And if either of us feel inspired to add to it, we will.

If you post a comment to something and it isn’t published right away, don’t take it personally. We go for long periods of time without checking on it.


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