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Bad Bloggers!

I was posting on a message board about this site earlier, and realized I haven’t posted anything here since last October.  Wow.

I think in many ways both Callie and I expressed what we wanted to here.  I don’t know that either of us have a desire to continue to try to understand why being a feminist is bad, or why the Patriarchy movement has gained the momentum it has.

But as a matter of faith, neither of us has reached the end of our paths.  Our stories are still being written.  Cally has embraced Orthodoxy.  And I, in an effort not to throw everything I love about Jesus out the window in frustration, have given up on Christianity.  That’s a story I should probably tell in depth, but I don’t have it in my right now.

For anyone who reads here, but doesn’t read my personal blog, I’m expecting another baby in July.  He’s managed to surprise me not only by existing, but by being diagnosed with a Neural Tube Defect called an Encepahlocele.  These are rare, and usually fatal.  But my little guy shocked everyone again by being otherwise perfectly healthy and his ‘cele is operable.  So, while things are looking good for us, I’m just not up for putting my spiritual path out there to be dissected.  Not yet, anyway.

I hope to be back soon.  And I gratefully accept prayers, good thoughts, happy dances, and anything else you want to send my little guy’s way.


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